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Websiter is an online content management system which is hosted in the cloud.

It allows website owners, developers and content managers to work together on one website. Websites can be easily shared with new team members and transfered to new owners.

How to try

To try the CMS you can navigate to Here you can see how this website is built and to try to edit some elements.

Another option is to sign up and build your own website.

The user interface

The interface of the Websiter CMS is not traditional. It consists of two main areas.

The top area contains the live version of the page being edited. In this area users can see how the page looks with current edits even if they have not been saved. It is updated automatically and shows the currently chosen page.

The bottom area contains all instruments for editing and has the following sections: Pages, Templates, Plugins, Files, Websites and Account.

All areas of the user interface can be redused and increased by drag the edges of an area.

Guides for content managers

A content manager is a person who creates and edits the content of a website.

Guides for website owners and admins

Website owners and admins can add and remove users, and edit website settings.

Guides for developers

Developers are responsible for how the website looks and works, and what content managers can edit. A CMS to own, build and share websites|Privacy policy
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