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CMS allows hosting files. In the Files tab you can see the hierarchy of the hosted files.

If the uploaded file is an image, a thumbnail of maximum 240 pixels width and height is generated automatically. Thumbnails will be available as an option when you select a file.

The hierarchy and names of files determine their urls.

Edit text files

Choose a file and press Edit in the right section. Make changes in the editor. For your convenience you can choose the most appropriate editor mode in the select above the editor.

Press Save or Save as new.

Edit images

Choose an image and Edit in the right section. The Toast UI IMage Editor is used to edit images.

Press Save or Save as new.

Resize images

You may want to decrease the size of some of your images in order to increase the loading speed of your website.

Choose an image and Resize in the right section. You can change the size by typing new dimentions in the width or height inputs. The proportions are maintained automatically.

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