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Guide for website owners and admins

Every user of CMS can create, edit and delete websites in the Websites menu tab.

Only owners of websites can delete a website.

Owners and admins can edit websites. Choose a website and start editing it in the right section. There are two tabs: Domains and Sharing.

Domain settings

Local domain

Each website has a local domain which starts with followed by the local domain name. Local domain are not indexed by search engines and are only for testing purposes.

To change a local domain name, edit it in the input and press Save button.

You can make the local domain invisible by pressing Hide button.

Custom domain

Each website can have one custom domain. You can register a custom domain with your chosen domain name registar. Enter your custom domain name into the input and press Save.

Note, that your new custom domain name will start working only after you create a CNAME DNS record following the instructions below the input. It is also recommended to verify your custom domain ownership.

You can make the custom domain invisible by pressing Hide button.

Sharing settings

Transfer website

You can transfer ownership of a website to any other user of CMS

To transfer a website you need to know the ID of a user who will recieve the website. ID can be found in the Account menu tab.

Then press Transfer website to another user and paste the ID.

This action cannot be reverted.

Share website

You can add users to a website.

To add a new user press Share button and paste the user's ID. The new user will appear in the table.

Users can have different rights:

To edit rights click a corresponding checkbox.

To delete a user click Delete. A CMS to own, build and share websites|Privacy policy
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