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Benefits of using computerized route planning system

Benefits of using route planning software

Discover the main advantages of using computerized system for route planning

Many companies sell products that need to be delivered to their customers. This means that most organizations are forced to deal with the management of their fleet, despite the fact that they are not experts in planning delivery routes. Moreover, often the efficiency of logistics operations plays a decisive role in the success of a company.

Every day, such companies are forced to take into account a large number of factors, such as:

• Number of customers to visit on a given day

• Customer availability charts

• Number of cars and vendors or freight forwarders available for travel

• The maximum load that each vehicle can carry and serve the employee.

• Fuel consumption of each car.

Knowing the above variables, companies must take care to find the optimal solution every day in order to save on the costs associated with logistics operations, always providing their customers with excellent service.

This task is not easy to solve. But today there are mathematical solutions that calculate the best solution for each case, as well as software called a route planner, which provides access to this information and algorithms using simple interfaces.

Eight benefits of using delivery planning software:

1. Speed and flexibility in creating delivery routes

When companies independently solve the problem of planning routes, usually in order not to create too many new routes, they use such methodologies as “split the city into lots” or slightly change yesterday's routes. This is not always the best solution in terms of schedule, use of resources and associated costs. Route optimization software creates optimal paths in a matter of seconds, taking into account dynamic variables and all factors related to customers, costs and resources. That is, every day planned routes are relevant and optimal.

2. Savings on operating costs

Route planning software creates routes that optimally use all the resources of an enterprise, such as fuel, vehicle mileage and employee time. Savings are evident in more efficient use of fuel, better use of available time, fewer kilometers traveled, as well as optimal control and use of vehicles, reducing their wear as they are used.

3. Process Automation

Companies that do not use software to optimize the routes of vehicles, have files with detailed information on the route sheets without the possibility of their change. And also often information about how the delivery occurred, is in various documents. Through the use of the delivery route planner, the generated routes, as well as all related information, can be immediately transmitted to the drivers' smartphones and updated if necessary. In addition, the route optimization software automatically saves all data related to routes and their characteristics in one place, which makes it convenient for further analysis.

4. Changes in organizational culture

With detailed data on the characteristics of routes and the delivery status of products provided by the route planner and the vehicle monitoring system, companies can quickly analyze the information to create incentives for the best employees and transfer their experience and skills to other employees. The best employees can be evaluated and rewarded in order to motivate them to always provide top quality services.

5. Information Security

With the help of software to optimize routes, companies can create users with different levels of rights, such as Administrator, Driver, Planner and Monitoring. Also, there is always a record of changes in the system, and historical information cannot be deleted or changed. Moreover, companies can easily integrate this software with their other platforms.

6. Improvements in driving

Many companies have a fixed number of vehicles in their fleet, but they do not understand very well whether this number is correct. The advantage of using software to optimize delivery routes is that it allows you to evaluate which vehicles to use every day. Perhaps your company overestimates its fleet and you have too many cars, and irrational use of them leads to the illusion of lack. Route planner software typically generates optimal routes with fewer vehicles, choosing only the most suitable ones for transporting cargo.

7. Satisfied customers

The typical error that routers make is not taking into account when a customer can receive a product or service. As a result, vehicles visit these addresses at any time. They arrive at the wrong time, having spent fuel and time, and the customer is unhappy because he did not receive his order. Route planning optimization software takes these constraints into account, increasing product delivery speed, resulting in more satisfied customers and reducing back logistics costs caused by unaccepted products that are returned to the warehouse.

8. The possibility of visiting more clients

The truth is that in most cases, drivers can make more deliveries than usual, but in the manual management of logistics it is difficult to implement. Route Optimization Software provides detailed information on what time each truck should arrive in each direction, and at what approximate time the vehicle will complete its route. Using optimization algorithms, you can visit new customers every day!

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