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Benefits of using computerized route planning system

What is CMMS

Find out what is computerized maintenance management system (CMMS)

Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) is a business software that helps with managing inspections, maintenance and repair operations.

Every equipment needs to be managed properly in order to prolong its lifetime, improve efficiency and eliminate breakdowns.

What is CMMS?

In our households we all have many things that needs maintenance. For example, cars, washing machines, laptops, pumps, houses etc.

Consider all needed maintenance operations on the example of a bicycle:

Every ride you need to check tires, brakes and chain.

Every 10 days check frame, wheels and pedals and lube chain.

Every month you need to check chain stretch and replace it if needed, check bars, cables and housing, lube derailleurs and check nuts and bolts.

Every 6 months replace chain, cables and housing, inspect and lube suspension, tension wheels.

On this example you can see that you need to do a quite a lot of inspection and maintenance operations to ensure safe rides without sudden breakdowns. How do you think how many people do all these maintenance operations timely? You are right, not many.

It is hard to remember what needs to be done and what has been done and when. That’s why most bicycles become unreliable and perform badly after just 1 month after the purchase.

The same is true for companies and the equipment they possess. Companies have a lot of different equipment and each has its specific inspection and maintenance intervals.

CMMS is the system where you can store all necessary information about each piece of equipment and where you can manage and control all inspections, preventive maintenance and repairs.

How the CMMS works?

When your company buys a new equipment it is added into the CMMS database. Along with its name, serial number, date of purchase and other basic information you add all the information about maintenance and inspection operations.

Usually two types of operations are scheduled: inspections and preventive maintenance. If they are managed properly and timely you can minimize the possibility of breakdowns and to eliminate repairs.

Repairs usually cost much more than preventive maintenance because breakdowns are not planned and need much more time for fixing and they freeze all other operation that depend on this equipment.

When the scheduled operation must be performed CMMS generates a work order for your maintenance team and checks if all necessary spare parts and materials are available at the warehouse. If not all materials and spare parts are available CMMS can generate an order for the lacking inventory.

The operation is scheduled and all staff members whose work depend on this equipment are notified about the planned maintenance.

As a result, all your preventive maintenance operations are well planned and are carried out with minimum disturbance for the rest of the company.

The same is true for the inspections. Some equipment must be inspected in order to reveal all early signs of malfunctioning and wearing.

However, even the most thorough maintenance and inspection cannot guarantee you that the equipment will not breakdown. If this happens CMMS can also help you a lot.

Using CMMS, you can quickly find the most appropriate free maintenance team who can repair or change the broken-down equipment. Also, you can find out what materials are needed for such repair and if they are available at the warehouse.

Overall, CMMS is a must have software for every company and is very recommended for households. The price of a CMMS is not high especially if you find software-as-a-service (SaaS) version. With SaaS CMMS you can test solutions almost for free and choose system that will be the best solution for your needs.

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