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Benefits of using computerized route planning system

12 Benefits of using CMMS

See how computerized maintenance management system can benefit your company

Almost every company has numerous equipment that should be managed and serviced in a proper way. Moreover, some equipment plays a critical role in the whole company and it is very important to service it so that it keeps running as long as possible.

Maintenance for different equipment

To eliminate the downtime maintenance department should do maintenance, inspections and preventive maintenance regularly. If the machine has broken down a repair should be fulfilled quickly so that the rest of the company can continue its operations.

CMMS computerized maintenance and repair management system

Computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) is a software that is made to help companies to manage and control its maintenance operations.

Here are the main benefits of using a CMMS:

    1. Plan and schedule maintenance.

CMMS schedules repaira and maintenance operations

CMMS helps you to create a schedule for your maintenance operations. When a new equipment or a machine is bought you can add it to the system.

Along with the basic information like name, serial number, date of purchase etc., you can add all information about the maintenance procedures.

Based on this information the system can automatically create a schedule for all of your maintenance operations.

    1. Manage work orders.

CMMS manages all your work orders for you

When some maintenance operations should be performed you can easily create a work order in the CMMS. Work orders contain all necessary information and documentation for the maintenance team, so that you will not forget to include anything into the work order.

You can see all work orders in the system: new orders, open orders, closed orders etc. You can organize work orders by status, urgency and other parameters.

    1. Manage spare parts and materials.

Control all spare parts and materials with CMMS

Good CMMS have features that allow you to check if all necessary for the job spare parts and materials are available at the warehouse. You can easily order the lacking inventory to be ready for the maintenance.

This feature of CMMS cannot substitute the inventory system for companies, but it is very helpful.

    1. Eliminate paperwork.

Go paperless with CMMS

With CMMS you don’t need to store all documentation, instructions, drawings, work orders and other documents associated with the maintenance of equipment as papers. Everything you need can be safely stored within the system.

If you choose a SaaS (software-as-a-service) version of CMMS your documents will be even in a safer place, because everything is stored in the cloud database and not at a single server.

    1. Enhance productivity.

CMMS increases productivity of maintenance team

If you use a CMMS you and all your maintenance teams are much more productive. All repair requests are generated in the system and you can see and manage them right away.

You can instantly create work orders and your maintenance teams will get a notification and will be able to access the work order with their mobile devices.

Less calls means faster communication and more work done by the same staff.

Moreover, you and all interested parties can track the progress of the maintenance operations and make better plans with the access to the real time information.

    1. Reduce downtime.

CMMS Increases the lifetime of your equipment

Using CMMS you can reduce the downtime in three ways. First, the system allows you to plan your maintenance operations much better and to perform them faster with just a little disturbance for the rest of the company.

Second, as long as all information about the maintenance intervals and procedures is stored in the CMMS, you will not forget to make the needed maintenance operations. If you do the maintenance properly and on time your equipment will need fewer repairs and will run longer.

Third, even if an unplanned repair is needed it is also better organized with CMMS and takes less time to complete, because you can quickly find all necessary documentation and check if the needed materials and spare parts are available.

    1. Reduce repair costs.

CMMS can reduce the repair costs

Better maintenance means less break-downs and longer lifetime of the equipment. With CMMS you can be sure that your equipment will require less repairs and you will be able to reduce the repair costs.

    1. Increase safety.

Increase safety of work with CMMS

Safety is a very important factor when maintenance operations are performed. CMMS can help you a lot with making sure that your maintenance teams are as protected as possible.

You can setup the system in such a way that it adds a list of safety instructions to each work order. Your maintenance teams will need to go through the safety list and it will remind them about all possible hazards.

Also, CMMS allows you to save and accumulate the history about all past maintenances and all injures that happened during them. Based on the data you will be able to add and modify safety instructions in order to minimize the possibility of injury.

    1. Compliance with regulatory standards.

CMMS creates reports to protect you from fines

CMMS can help you deal with one of the hardest and important parts of the maintenance process – the regulatory compliance. The risk of getting fines from the regulatory agencies can be significantly lowered if the system is used properly.

On the one hand, you can check and ensure that all your maintenance procedures are compliant with the regulatory standards.

On the other hand, you can store and refer to all maintenance and repair documentation that have been done whenever you need.

If your company is at risk of getting a fine, you can generate a report and prove that all needed maintenance was done on time and according to the instructions.

    1. Eliminate lost orders.

Control all work orders with CMMS

As long as all work order are saved inside the system you can be sure that none of them will be lost. Moreover, you can sort the work orders and pay more attention to the most urgent orders.

It is so easy to forget about something you were asked for if nothing reminds you about it. CMMS solves this issue for you.

    1. Analyze real costs of equipment.

Real costs of all your equipment based on CMMS

It is always important to know not only the price of the equipment, but also all costs associated with it. CMMS can show all these costs because all history about the maintenance operations is stored in the system.

As a result, you can easily calculate how much time was spent on the service and what materials were used.

Note that this information is much more accurate than the information that is stored and analyzed based on reports generated manually at the end of the day. CMMS stores only the actual information that does not depend on someone memories.

    1. Asset management.

Locate your equipment using CMMS

Some CMMS’s can store information about where each piece of equipment is situated. This information can be added and managed easily and you can add it to each work order so that the maintenance team can quickly find the needed equipment.

If the distances between equipment that should be serviced are big you can group equipment that is close to each other and service it simultaneously in order to save time and resources.

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