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10+1 Bad Signs for Salesperson Career

Discover the most important signals that show that your career in sales is in danger

You are working in sales and everything goes fine. However, the work routine may make you blind of some signals in your sales career. If you do not pay attention to these signs you risk to become unsuccessful seller and to ruin your career in sales. On the other hand, if you identify these signals early enough and make according changes you will protect your future successes and continue develop your career.

Here are the 10+1 bad signs for salesperson career:

Salesperson in a comfort zone

You are in the comfort zone

Try to analyse how your tasks have changed since you came to the company. Analyse your clients, salary, and your surroundings. If you see a steady progress then you are in green. If nothing has changed over time you are in red and you have to think about it.

Is it because you are trying to protect what you have or is it because you don’t want or can not develop your career? You can deal with the former, but not with the latter. Zero motivation will kill your sales career very quickly.

Salesperson predicts failure

You predict sale failure before the contact

Looking at the client accounts in your CRM system you automatically say why each client will not buy from you. And you end up with just a handful contacts who you think will buy.

I will be surprised if you sell anything at all because you spent the whole day thinking about why you will fail instead of calling your prospects and closing the deals. So, your thoughts “why no” will materialize and your sales will drop.

Salesperson knows everything

You know everything

You know all sales books and you need to read only several first pages to say what the book is about and you are sure that it will not give you anything. You know all presentations, articles etc. You can take a very quick look at a client account and say how to close the deal. Wow, your sales strategy is ready in a second!

If you can not close the deal with your strategy then you think that it is a bad client, but not your strategy. Right? This is a dead end as your strategy must be tailored to each customer and you should be open minded to learn other sales techniques and strategies.

Salesperson tired without personal life

You have no time for personal life

When you started your career in sales you worked 8 hours per day. Over time your work time has increased to 10,12, or even 14 hours per day. Moreover, you need to take some work home and finish it during weekends. This is a very bad sign and it will burn you out soon. This means that you are not efficient enough as you need to work more than your competitors do and that you need to change something about how you work.

Salesperson pitching to everyone

You are pitching to everyone

You have a great marketing collateral and you think that the most important is to present it to everyone. You come to your potential client company and try to pitch to the first contact person. Then you pitch to the second contact person and so on.

At the end of the day you find out that did a lot of work, but you are not a single step closer to closing the deal. This is because you don’t pay attention to understanding who is the decision maker in this company and you risk to get lost in unnecessary pitches.

Sales don't depend on salesperson

You are sure that sales don’t depend on you

You could rocket your sales if not some external factors. There is always something not allowing you to become successful. Prices, crises, laws, competitors, clients, etc. It’s easier to find reasons why you did not succeed than to find ways how to overcome the obstacles and win.

Salesperson lost in thoughts

You prioritize improvements over actions

It is always good to make something ideal. However, if you prioritize and hide behind neverending small improvements you will never make actions. It is much easier to live in a fictional world of small improvements, but without real actions you will never sell anything. Try everything in the real world as soon as possible.

Salesperson irritated with a client call

Client call irritates you

You are very busy doing something and suddenly one of your clients calls you and asks you about something. You are annoyed with this call because the client distracts you from your important affairs.

This is a very very bad sign for your sales career. You must be happy every time your clients call you because this means that your client has a problem that you can solve. We are not just selling goods and services in sales. We are solving problems first if all.

Salesperson allows non supportive buy cycle

You have a non-supportive buy cycle

When your clients say that they need to think before they buy or that they need to learn all offers on the market you allow them to do this. You may even support these intentions. After that chances that your clients will buy from you are minimize and it is your fault. This is a very common mistake of sellers who usually have a non-supportive buy cycle when they act as buyers. Analyse yourself.

Salespersone looking for sales collateral

You can’t sell without perfect sales collateral

You are sure that marketing and sales materials are very important for sales and you decide to invest huge resources into creating the ideal collateral. Without that you will not be able to sell anything because you will lose to every competitor having a better collateral.

The truth is that when you finish creating your great sales collateral and go to your clients you will be surprised because often you will lose to sellers without any collateral. Sales is what happens between the people and not between the buyer and the piece of paper.

Salesperson covering eyes

You are not concerned about the previous 10 points

You see yourself in some of the 10 bad signs for salesperson career and you are not going to change anything in your work or even life!? Well, it is your choice, but don’t tell me that I didn’t warn you.


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